Mark, Wow! This is BLOODY GREAT! The best quality portrait I’ve seen!
Russell Brown Sr. Creative Director Adobe Systems Inc.
Mark has a link to his website from The Russell Brown Show.







Extraordinary work.
A new, realistic, moving picture. Mark has given photography an exciting future.
Jeff Kennett :









‘Fantastic and innovative work by Mark and you do not even have to use those ridiculous red and blue glasses to ‘feel’ my face!’
Stefan Dennis (Neighbours):









Mark did a great job of my portrait and it looks great in 3D – I will be down to have you photograph me with my drum kit next week’
Geoff Cox (Coxy):









“Mark involved me in what must be the quickest photo shoot
I have ever had and with 3D I have not seen before
– a remarkable effort with outstanding results.”
Dr Ivan Misner : Founder Business Networking International

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