Studio 3D is similar to a conventional portrait session.

First of all we need to consult with you and find out what you desire.

From there we employ Hollywood style photography techniques which include a green screen.
This allows us to place almost any background image to support your portrait.
How great is that!

We can arrange the best freelance hair and make up people available for a complete make over.
Costumes can also be arranged.

We may take 10, 20, 50 or a hundred shots of you to get the desired result.
After principal photography is complete, I will select the best shots and do some post production.
You are then invited back to a viewing session at a later time where you can actually see the results in 3D and at the size you want before anything is printed.
This takes away any risk.

You then make the payment and your finished framed prints are available in around 2 weeks.

If you require a 2D version for print, or electronically for your website, social media accounts or whatever, then this can be arranged as well.

3D, it’s the way we see.

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