Electronic 3D Display

Now Available!
3D printing is very expensive for visual merchandising, especially if you want several  items or posters on display.

Studio 3D now has a perfect solution – a glasses free 3D monitor.

Available in horizontal and vertical orientation you can now avoid the high costs of on going printing.
An example could be a cinema that uses expensive 3D lenticular posters.
Now all the the 3D films can be promoted one after the other at a single point of sale.
Imagine delicious items on a menu board in mouth watering 3D.
Imagine real estate promoted in- store in 3D.
Imagine a  fashion range promoted in 3D in the front window of a store.

For visual merchandising, this is the future.
Lifestyle and product can be seen at a glance in 3D.
Images can cycle though the display.

Great for in store merchandising as well as expos.

Studio 3D uses one of these displays to exhibit all our portraits when display space is limited.

Contact Studio 3D now for a remarkable visual merchandising.

(Mark was asked to be involved in The Hobbit with 3D posters)

3D: It’s the way we see!

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